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CCNA Admission in Faisalabad by SAEED AHMAD

Faisalabad, Pakistan
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    12 Nov 2016
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    A Professional / Business
CCNA R&S in 10,000/- Only with Cisco Network Academy Program be Certified by Certified Instructors ONLY Scenario Refer to the topology. Your company has connected the routers R1. R2. and R3 with serial links. R2 and R3 are connected to the switches SW1 and SW2, respectively. SW1 and SW2 are also connected to the routers R4 and R5. The EIGRP routing protocol is configured. You are required to troubleshoot and resolve the EIGRP issues between the various routers. Use the appropriate show commands to troubleshoot the issues. Why are the pings failing? A. The network statement is missing on R5. B. The loopback interface is shut down on R5. C. The network statement is missing on R1. D. The IP address that is configured on the Lo1 interface on R5 is incorrect. Answer: C The loopback interfaces on R4 with the IP addresses of /32, and are not appearing in the routing table of R5 Why are the interfaces missing? A. The interfaces are shutdown, so they are not being advertised. B. R4 has been incorrectly configured to be in another AS, so it does not peer with R5. C. Automatic summarization is enabled, so only the network is displayed. D. The loopback addresses haven't been advertised, and the network command is missing on R4. Answer: B Which path does traffic take from R1 to R5? A. The traffic goes through R2. B. The traffic goes through R3. C. The traffic is equally load-balanced over R2 and R3. D. The traffic is unequally load-balanced over R2 and R3. Answer: A Router R6 does not form an EIGRP neighbor relationship correctly with router R1. What is the cause for this misconfiguration? A. The K values mismatch. B. The AS does not match. C. The network command is missing. D. The passive-interface command is enabled. Answer: C Views: 535